Ranch House with a garage

Many Ranch style homes suffer from non-historic bland colors. Most of the more vibrant colors of the 50s have long since be painted over with whites and taupes. This homes trim was originally white and it looked like so many of its neighbors. Now it has been updated using colors drawn from a 1950’s paint brochure. The house is less stark, but more importantly looks like it might have in the post-war era with a sky blue gable and complementary trim.


Garage color issues

In the post-WWII years the automobile became increasingly popular with American suburban families. Many Ranch houses had attached or semi-attached garages. The garage should fit into the overall color scheme and be a part of the entire complex. One way to accomplish that is to use the same colors as the house so that your eye transcends over to the next building easily.


Goal & Solution


The clients wanted the house to return to the Retro 1950’s Modern style.


The final scheme employed colors drawn directly from a 1950s national brand paint catalogue, a sky blue gable and complementary green trim.