Northwest Contemporary – Hunts Point, Washington

Jean and I are very pleased with the final result and want to thank you for your help.The planning you guided us through was actually a lot of fun!” ..Ned.

I had consulted on the owners daughter’s bungalow in the previous year.  This 1971 Modern style home was built to provide a “view” of the natural landscape but its paint scheme seem tired and dated in a taupe with dark brown trim.  What was needed were some modern colors that helped set the house a bit apart from all the “nature” around it.



Just little things

In some projects, it’s not the big things that make the difference, but all the small details that go unnoticed.  Spend some time on those and you add value and great visual interest. The covered walkway was originally only one color. Now with special highlighting colors on the posts and beams, the space takes on a feeling of grander.  The entryway was given additional colors to highlight the handsome door and sidelights.



Goal & Solution


The owners wanted to update the colors and bring more life to the various spaces that make up the complex design.


Moving to a gray body with a flat red trim helped separate the many architectural elements of the house. Trim now stands apart from the siding and the exposed eaves are easier to identify.  Painting the top deck railing in the trim color helps break up a confusing visual pattern.