• Basic
  • 400$
    ($400 deposit, $150 at completing) $550 total
  • This level is for those who are not in a hurry and can move at a less frantic pace through the considering and test processes. The second payment is due at the time your final color selections are made, before I produce your specific color placement information.
  • Top
  • 550$
    Paid up front
  • This level provides a quicker turn-around than Basic and places your project higher in the queue.
  • Rush
  • 640$
    Paid up front
  • This level is for those who need a short turn around time on their project and includes shipping of your final Color Placement Information by UPS 2nd Day Air.


The “level of service” you choose does have an effect on such items as email response time, and status in the queue for preparation of Color Placement Maps. I normally respond to queries received during the workday by that evening. Rush level clients are answered first, then Top level, and finally if there is time that day Basic clients. Service levels also have priority in the queue that can form during busy periods for producing the color placement information.

The consulting fee includes:

  • reviewing your photos to determine the building’s “architectural style” and significant architectural features [Victorian, Bungalow, Craftsman, Gothic, Queen Anne, Retro, etc.]
  • making scanned gray scale reproductions of your photos (for color placement maps)
  • reviewing the information you provide about your preferences
  • pulling together appropriate color combinations for you to consider & test
  • providing specialized proven color testing instructions
  • working with you to develop an appropriate color scheme that meets your goals
  • preparing a set of Color Placement Map pages
  • sending the color maps back to you
  • answering your questions and concerns

Extra Services

  • If you own a home you know how difficult it can be to discover such thing as:
  • What color roof would my bungalow have had?
  • What type of porch spindles did my Queen Anne Victorian have?
  • What types of columns did my colonial house once have?
  • What options do I have for replacing my old Arts and Crafts era porch?
  • What color roof shingles goes best with my new paint scheme?
  • I offer several extra services that can assist in answering these specific questions for you.

Roof color coordinating

This service will provide you with assistance to select and build your new roof colors into the overall building color scheme. The fee is $70

Porch design assistance

This service will provide you with visual examples of period porches and porch details to assist in rebuilding, reconfiguring, or restoring damaged or removed porches. Examples will be provided from historic period sources such as plans books, builders’ manuals, and millwork catalogues. These can then be adapted by your contractor or architect into the new porch design. The fee is $85

Garage / Out Building colors

If you own an outbuilding such as a carriage barn or free standing garage that requires color placement there is a slight fee to supply that service. The fee is $40. If that building requires a complex color scheme and/or color placement, an additional charge for consulting hours may be needed.

Other Projects

If you have other areas / issues that need a professional touch, email me with your specifics and I will quote you a price.

Other Useful Information

Be sure to check the appropriate boxes on the data form and include the extra fee amounts in your check total. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Shipping of color placement information [color maps]

  • Normally “Color Placement Maps” are shipped U.S. Postal Service. (no extra cost)
  • “Priority Mail” (U.S. Postal Service) shipping is available for $15 extra (cost includes shipping and handling)
  • “Express” shipping is available for $35 extra (cost includes shipping and handling) Color maps shipped UPS 2nd Day Air.

How long does the process take?

The answer is “It depends.”

Since there is some interaction between us that includes emails, color testing and questions, much of the total time is dependent on your schedule. A recent project for a Cape Cod in California had completed colors maps in the customers hands in less than two weeks. Assuming you have the time and urgency, a similar schedule is possible. Other projects stretch over several months as owners take their time giving considerable thought to the coloration decision. Your schedule becomes my schedule. The level of service you choose does have an effect on such items as email response time and status in the queue for preparation of the Color Placement Map pages. Rush are first priority, followed by Top and then Basic level clients.

You can pay by check or credit card via PayPal

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