Seasonal Colors

Thinking about color for all seasons



Seasonal Colors

Historic Victorian house colors in Winter

 Seasonal Color

Thinking about house colors for all seasons.

This picture recently sent from a client illustrates the necessity of thinking about how your house will look in all seasons. In many parts of the country that’s four distinct periods. Even in the Southwest and Deep South there are at least two seasons. Through out the country, the light changes during each season casting different shadows and effecting how we see color in general. Winter in and the snow country presents a challenge because ones house colors need to not only look good in a lush green landscape, but also in gray sky, and bright white snow! This picture is an excellent example of how period Victorian colors hold up well in the snow and show the house off to its best advantage even in a stark landscape. It’s important to be aware of how many season you have, how changing light affects the colors you are considering, and what overall “Look” you want the house to have in the major seasons. For example, if you thought a light colored house with darker trim would look great in the snow, then the colors pictured here would not be for you. But if this pictures makes you go “Wow,” then period house colors can really enhance your homes visual nature.