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Lee Chicago Painted Ladies Winner 2015

For the past 29 years the Chicago Paint and Coatings Association recognizing homeowner efforts to improve historic neighborhoods and preserve communities’ residential architectural history has sponsored what has come to be called the “Chicago Painted Ladies Contest.” This year’s winner is one of my client’s homes and marks the second year in a row and the fourth time I’ve had a house win this award.

The Queen Anne-style home of Thomas and Maureen Lee, located at 359 Park St. in Elgin, is this year’s Grand Prize winner, as well as winner of the Best Use of Colors for a Victorian Home Not Painted by Professionals designation. Built in 1887, it is officially known as the Edward and Cordelia Barclay House.

The Lees purchased the house in 2009 following a bank foreclosure and, shortly thereafter, the Elgin Area Historical Society staff discovered a negative in its archives showing the home in all of its original glory. “With this photograph and with the help of the city of Elgin’s 50/50 Historic Rehabilitation Grant, we started the rehabilitation of the exterior,” Lee wrote to the Chicago Paint and Coatings Association in her award application. “During the cold weather you could find us in the basement, painting these architectural elements that had been missing (like 200 balls/dots, 75 spindles, appliqués and on and on). We are thrilled with how it turned out and honored that we were able to bring this home back to its original splendor.”

Dan Miller of Elgin painstakingly re-created the missing gingerbread and spindles and everything needed for the second floor “parade porch.”

“…Rob – We so appreciate your help with restoring our home to the “grand old lady” she once was.”  Maureen Lee,

{Some text borrowed from the Daily Herald web site}

Congratulations to the Lee family!!!