Originally the owners were thinking of using a warm beige and gold for the house.  They specifically wanted to stay away for what they termed “the overused taupes, tans and putty colors.”  I was able to convince them to look in a dramatically different direction – the blue-green family of cooler colors that worked well with the gray roof but provided a needed blast of color for those gray days.

The owner, Janice wrote me …”Hooray! We are very pleased with how the color choices and placement turned out.  As the job progressed we decided to follow all your color placement suggestions and have been amazed and thrilled with the results.  It was such a leap of faith. ”

“The 90 year old gal up the street says the garage (far right) has never looked better.”

Victorian Queen Anne – Seattle, Washington

Built in 1904, this home was located on a corner lot on a boulevard on the highest hill in Seattle.  It has a commanding view of the city and a prominent place among the city’s historic homes.  In a city known for cloudy sky’s and with a gray roof, the goal was to enliven the house to combat the gray sky’s but to work harmoniously with the gray roof and white windows.