New Arts & Crafts Condomininiums in Portland, Oregon

This building won an AIA Design Award. Congratulations to Dale A. Farr & Nick Stearns!

These buildings represent a new development in an historic neighborhood in the Old Arts & Crafts style. They were designed to specifically highlight the gables and oriel windows.  The entire project and color scheme is reminiscent of the English Arts & Crafts homes of C.F.A. Voysey.


Making new look old

Modern architecture can be cold and impersonal. This project wanted to make sure the people who lived here felt an attachment to the historic neighborhood in which it was built. Award winning design was enhanced with period colors to create a special sense of place.



Goal & Solution


Since the designs were specific to the Arts & Crafts era, the contractor and architect wanted the colors to represent that ear in detail.


The colors selected were taken from early 20th century sources and placed in the appropriate manner to highlight the architectural features of all three buildings.