Simple Wisconsin makeover

“The house looks fantastic.  All my reservations and anxiety about using such rich colors disappeared when I saw it all come together. I’m a notorious second guesser but no second guessing here.  It’s perfect.  Thanks for your help.” ..Shawn

This typical suburban colonial appeared rather nondescript on the site. The owners removed the blue vinyl siding and asked me to provide them with guidance on what to do about the replacement siding and the dark porch. I’m often asked to assist clients in reshaping a house to better fit their needs. If you have  questions and need assistance I can offer a per hour rate of consulting.

Simple house – complex color issues

Careful consideration of the body colors was very important in this scheme as they had to be “bold” but not overpowering. They also had to work with the gray roof and the brick color without clashing. The colors are matches to a 1930s period Ramsay Pure Paint catalog in my collection.  “Deep, rich colors are welcome with traditional roots,” the owners noted. The results transform this house into an eye catcher.

Goal & Solution


The owners desired a new color scheme that avoided the “safe” look of so many other homes in their neighborhood. They wanted to avoid the generic look of so many more modern homes today.


The two different shades of green help divide up the top floor and allow the bricks to work in harmony with the rest of the facade elements.  Removing the top of the dark, oversized porch  allowed the handsome entryway to be visible from the street. The 1930s dark red window sash color brings an additional color element into the overall scheme.