Family roots home in Pennsylvania

This fine example of a “Box” or “Foursquare” house was lost in a bland sea of faded green colors.  Built in the late Twenties by the owners grandparents, it needed an updating that had historical roots.   Recommendations to remove the large bush in the front and to replace the concrete steps with traditional wooden ones were adopted along with a new more period correct color scheme.

Making a homeowner look brilliant

The sad, faded green, house that no one noticed was now the talk of the town. “I certainly thank you for the research and a wonderful job well done! I couldn’t be happier with your services and would recommend you to anyone who wants to glow in his neighbors envy.” . . .”You have made me look brilliant!”

Goal & Solution


Because this was a family home for generations the owners wanted to have the house look like it might have back in the 1920s. That era featured more autumn colors and darker trims.


A Craftsman era two color body scheme with darker trim was suggested to provide visual impact. The trim color, a period red/brown, provides a sharp outline for the home.  It also helps set off the white vinyl windows that can sometime detract from an historic homes appeal.