WWII era housing turned condominiums 

These vintage townhouse style condominiums were built in 1945 and designed by noted architect Charles Noble at the end of World War II.  Originally intended to house bomber plant workers from Willow Run during the war, they were later used to house returning GI’s.

The Village, as it is now known,  is a charming historic neighborhood showing all the influences of early 20th century utopian planning.  This property is situated on 57 acres in a prime east Ann Arbor location.  Owners enjoy the large rolling green spaces and unique architectural design.

Keep on improving

I’ve been working with “The Village” management for several years. Initially I developed a new set of colors for the hundred plus units that make up this lovely neighborhood. More recently I have been refining the color schemes and color placement throughout the locality in response to owner input to further enhance one of the most widely known and popular condo complexes in the city.



Goal & Solution


These 100 plus buildings  had maintained their army green color for decades. The governing board really wanted to make them more attractive and brighten them up.


A wide range of colors was originally suggested for the initial Village units.  These sets were painted on large boards and displayed for residents to comment upon prior to final selections by the governing board.  Working with large groups of building owners can prove difficult and often having and experienced consultant guide you through a color change process is well worth the fee.