1882 Victorian

The “Stick-Style” is generally considered to be an east-coast style of architecture. This is a rare example from Michigan. The style is so named because of the numerous exterior boards or sticks that reflect the framing style of the house.  These boards do not have any structural necessity, but are rather decorative in nature.

Award winning home in Calumet, Michigan

The two of us have done all this exterior work by ourselves; repair, scrape, sand, prime, and two coats of paint.  We followed your directions to the detail.  We are pleased.  Everyone who sees it is awed.

In May we received the Governor’s Award for Historic Preservation for our work on 811 Portland.

The award was quite an honor and we appreciate the recognition for all the hard work that has gone into rehabilitating a boarded up house back to the gem it once was 120 years ago.  Abbey & Chris — Calumet, Michigan

Goal & Solution


This particular style of house is often hard to color because of its many varied wall surfaces and heavy use of trim.  A delicate balance must be achieved between the various color areas for a true blending of colors that highlight each specific area but that do not overly call attention to one specific area.


The owners knew the architectural value of this fine home and wanted a “Stunning and Classic” color scheme. The house body was divided into three color areas and painted with a Gold, medium Tan and Straw colors that worked together to highlight each specific horizontal band.  A darker Bronze paint  was employed to pull together all the trim areas without over-powering the siding colors.