New colors for a new home Pearland, Texas

In much of the new construction going on today, builders are finally letting the new owners choose their own exterior colors. I was asked on assist with this new home, 2012, near Galvestion. Many builders paint their homes a safe taupe color. But taupe adds little to the visual enjoyment of the architecture. Often the safe color is always the most unattractive.

Many elements to consider

This home sets on water, has a large roof expanse visible from all sides, as well as massive amounts of stonework in the patios, pool area and landscape walls. It’s very important to consider all these colors elements and how they are going to react with the colors going on the house before beginning the color selection process. In this case, a solid medium, more modern sage color proved to be the best fit.



Goal & Solution


The Zeidan family wanted their home to fit into their  new neighborhood, but not to just blend into the background.  The home was large enough to take some real “color.”


A medium sage color was chosen for the body as well as a medium grayed tan for the trim.  There was enough contrast between the body and trim to set them both off without making one jump out at the viewer.