The original house front porch and entryway had been dramatically altered at some point.  Rebuild all that would have been expensive. I was asked to make the entryway seem important again with color. The owners found the result more than pleasing. You can do a lot with some paint!

Union Lake Victorian

Not all Victorian homes are ornate with piles of details. Some were built on a budget and features small amounts of detailing.  Others had their detailing removed. These homes don’t necessarly have to take a back seat to the visually impressive neighbors. Some good planning and the right colors can enliven any house.

Goal & Solution


The original color scheme highlighted the major architectural features of the building but did not concentrate on the important elements. The owners wanted to see more of the detailing and add more color and excitment.


Two colors were employed on the eaves and window lintels were highlighted. The main entryway is colored to create an attractive and inviting first impression. While this is not an overly ornate Victorian, the colors help make it seem so.