21 st Century Italianate Villa

This brand new Victorian, built to look like a Post-Civil war 1860 Italianate Villa, has stunning water views and great architectural detailing.   The idea for this project was to have an historic looking house that has a more modern feel. While the trim colors are all mid 19th century in origin, the overall look of the house is contemporary and light.



Update of a classic design

The Italianate style was popular in America during the 1850s & 60s. This version as built in 2002. The main entryway, tower and two-story bay are the focal points of the design as they face the  street.  In true 19th century fashion the largest amounts of detailing are placed on the front of the house. Historic architecture can provide a wonderful guide for modern buildings.



Goal & Solution


The owners wanted to combine both historic and contemporary in the color scheme.


The body color was chosen from an 1860’s paint catalogue and matched to a modern paint company’s fan deck.  The trim is also from the Victorian era and closely resembles the color of sand.