This two building complex is located six blocks from the White House directly across from Teddy Roosevelt’s favorite church.  It was built between 1912 and 1918. As a prime address in the nations capital these two buildings it just had to look stately!

Washington DC Condos

Some people say working with committees or groups deciding color is very hard. Generally that’s just not true. The Association, in this case, was willing to be extravant with colors if it helped highlight the architectural features.  Detail painting and colors needed to allow a “scaling back” if necessary.    In addition, the building had special issues with the color of the fire escapes and the white vinyl windows.  After reviewing my color scheme suggestions, the Association board reported enthusiastic approval.  Their hardest decision was choosing the best option for each building.

Goal & Solution


As with any building that has multiple owners, the list of requirements for exterior colors was long and specific. They wanted the buildings to look “stately” and not fussy or overly painted.  They were willing to consider historic colors but also a modern update of historical styles. The overall request was for a clean, classic look that had positive street presence.


The final results provide a look and feel that is appropriate for prominent buildings in our nation’s capital and one President Roosevelt would have been pleased so see on his way to church each Sunday.