Popular front facing gabled bungalow

This simple Bungalow was painted all white some time in its past. The house seemed bland, unappealing and nearly invisible. Today it proudly takes its place on the street with period colors that highlight the windows, the flower boxes, and the trim. The framing of the lighter body with a darker Arts & Crafts period trim helps define the house. I completed this project in 1998 and it still is one of my favorites.

As seen in the pages of the book “Bungalow Colors,” by Rob Schweitzer

Don’t forget the Auto House

The Bungalow “Auto House” or garage is often overlooked as a source of beauty. Painted in Arts & Crafts period colors it stands with the house as a positive part of the urban landscape. The main door is highlighted to reflect the importance of the automobile in the early years of the 20th century.

Goal & Solution


The house was painted all white with no focus on the architectural details. The owners wanted a warm, inviting bungalow feel.


A period yellow body was framed in a gray trim with red windows and flower boxes.  The porch was painted in an off-white as was the garage door. All colors were historic period examples of what might have originally been put on the house and garage.