Owner’s comments

Our recently painted home proved to be quite a change for the neighborhood [where every house is white] and people just love it! The colors stand out without being too overpowering, the details in teh gable with the new paint are much easier to see.

Donna and Joseph

Queen Anne home with wrapping veranda

The most interesting examples of homes in the late 19th century are the ones with the wrap around porches or sweeping verandas.  This architectural feature was the product of more leisure time for families in that period. It was a place to socialize and acted as a “room” in warm weather often completely decorated with rugs and furniture.

Goal & Solution


This wonderful Queen Anne Victorian has a massive wrap-around veranda that when painted inappropriately could dominate the house. The “trick” was to use the colors from the rest of the house to bring the porch back into the overall color plan.


A 19th century yellow body is framed with a period medium green trim to clearly outline this distinctive home. An off-white is employed on the window sash and porch to soften those areas.