Owner’s comments:

“The paint that is on looks incredible! I have attached a photo of our addition that is completed and it looks spectacular! Needless to say, we are exceptionally pleased. The response from the neighborhood has been overwhelmingly complimentary and our location on a highly visible corner lot in this historic neighborhood has made many people proud. Your services have proven to be invaluable and the process was inclusionary, educational and painless. Thank you again for you outstanding work and please feel free to use us as a reference for the future. ”

Matthew Daniels — Newport, KY

1890 Victorian Queen Anne house in Newport, Kentucky

This lovely late century house built of brick had been completely painted a light gray with white and highly contrasting red accents.   This type of house is often hard to color because of its many varied wall surfaces and large amounts of detail on the porches.   My idea was to employ color more common to the late Victorian era and to highlight the painted-over features from the previous owners. Since removing all the paint from the brick was cost prohibitive, the owners decided they wanted “a modern interpretation of an historic color scheme.”

Goal & Solution


The new owners thought the color scheme of gray, white and red was too modern and not in keeping with the historic nature of the property.


The house body is a warm topaz and the trim a medium brown. Accents range from an off white and a light yellow to a darker reddish brown.  The window sashes, in the proper Victorian manner, are painted a special black.