Originally built in 1882 this “Stick Style” home was the first in a series of more irregular styled home that came to dominate American architecture during the last quarter of the 19 century.  The “sticks” were not structural at all, but were intended to look like the held the building together when in-fact they were decorative.

Glen Ridge, NJ

The late 19th century “Stick Style” was very popular in New Jersey. Historically the sticks were painted a dark color to resemble framing members. In the 20th century more and more homeowners wanted to have lighter sticks to act more as a trim or accent feature, rather than a major body color element. The combination of a medium gray body with two light trims and dark window sash allows delineation of the various architectural features. The look is elegant, clean and simple.

Goal & Solution


The homeowners goal for this paint scheme was to ensure that the “sticks” would work with, but not clash with, the body color. Since those sticks make up most of the visual area that can be tricky.


Contrast was the key here and the employment of a light color for the sticks permitted the bay, gable and porch to all harmonize. The addition of an historical light yellow helps tie the details into the entire scheme.