Retro Modern Southern California Home

This Southern California hillside residence presented several challenges. Its sloping lot caused the building to look very stacked and its original highly contrasting multiple colors caused it to look like a box.  The exterior door configuration was confusing for visitors and the railings stood out too much.



Softening things up with color

The once gloomy rear courtyard is now an inviting space with light lattice covering the warm gray inner walls. The use of gray walls instead of a white eliminates the glare out of the windows often a problem in courtyards. On the side facade, the railings are colored softly in a Retro Ivory so that they highlight the vertical elements of the house.


Goal & Solution


The clients wanted the house to return to the Retro 1950’s Modern “cool” style.


The final scheme employed warm gray with the shingle section in a bronze.  The trim is a Fifties ivory and the accents a Retro green.