Owner’s comments:

“Thank you so much for helping us to come up with colors for our home.  My wife and I cannot say enough about your vision for our home, and about your expertise in assisting us with color choices.    We are so proud of our home, please feel free to use our images on your website.  Using your services was by far one of the BEST investments we have made in our restoration.    Sincerely,”  Robert & Pamela Griffiths

Victorian Color Update – Shelbyville, Kentucky

The porch detail on this home is complex and multi-colored to allow the historic moldings to be seen from the street. The use of highly contrasting colors enables the various parts of the architecture to visually separate from one another.  Homes such as this can be difficult to color and it is important to consider all the design elements, the location, and the owners preferences in order to produce a pleasing final product.  The blue ceiling was a late Victorian era favorite and its color comes directly from an 1891 Devoe paint catalogue.

Goal & Solution


This 1891 Queen Anne style Victorian home at one point was painted entirely in white, robbing it of any visual interest. Siding material differences historically painted in varying colors were lost to the eye in a sea of white.  Once stunning details could not be seen due to the monochromatic paint scheme. This wonderful home cried out for a period color makeover.


The owners did some research and sent me paint chips from various areas of the house.  It appears, the house was originally red with green trim.  An orange accent color also appeared on the under layers of old paint.  Employing 1890s period paint catalogues with historic sample chips I was able to provide accurate colors that returned this grand home to the way it likely looked when new.