New Construction – Queen Anne Victorian – Jacksonville, Florida

Built in 1991, with an addition in 2003, this modern day version of the Victorian Queen Anne style was unexceptional with its white and gray color scheme.  This type of architecture, looks best in several colors with both light and dark colors in-play highlighting the architectural features.

New home – Old Colors

The large front porch provides a grand outdoor space on this house.  In the 19th century, the porch was just another room with carpets, lamps and furniture. A traditional Victorian blue ceiling was employed to make the space seem even larger.  The historic red trim was used on the porch gingerbread to separate it into viewable sections.



Goal & Solution


The owner wanted to dramatically alter the colors and have the porch and gingerbread stand out.


The new color scheme incorporated several 19th century colors as well as some modern tones. Every color was picked to enhance the architectural details. A strong outline for the home was provided by using a turn-of-the- century red trim color.