Quirky California House

“Wow – it looks so different… we are very happy with the results and we are getting a lot of people driving by REALLY slow to gawk …”  I personally think gawking is worth the effort!

Mel Condos – Pacifica, California




Update of an update

There was not really that much wrong with this house to begin with, perhaps because I had worked with the owner back in 2000 to transform his bland box structure into something much more eye appealing. As the owner noted, the time had come for a change and an upgrade to the property.  The idea for this project was that no house has to be bland and lifeless just because it’s not a highly detailed Victorian! The simplest of homes can, with some thought, a willing owner, and some creative use of paint take on a whole new life.



Goal & Solution


The owner had a simple request – just gave me something extra special!


My thought was to use two body colors [a soft grayed yellow and a yellow green] with a dark red brown trim to tie the parts together. Highlights were where we found them, on the garage and front doors.  There we employed a bright clay with the yellow [garage door] and the green on the front door. Usually white vinyl windows are hard to work with, but in this case they added a splash of additional color.