Note the Bay Window Detail

Victorian period colors are used to show off the top gingerbread as well as the brackets and the window sash. Two shades of green are engaged to highlight the brickwork and the wood trim.

Painting over already painted brick

This house had already been painted white, numerous times, and the cost or removing that paint was prohibitive. The simple solution was to paint over it, in this case with a high quality Sherwin Williams paint in a light color that acted as a perfect background for the darker trim and accent colors.

Goal & Solution


This Italianate home outside of Detroit was all white at the beginning of the project. A common misconception often cited today is that Victorian era homes were mostly white. The owner knew better and wanted a period color scheme for his grand, Civil War era,  home.


Darker trim and accent colors contrasting with a lighter body help distinguish the major design elements. The heavy cornice and corner quoins facilitate the creation of a frame or outline for the house. Color adds to the visual interest of those areas.