Owner’s comments

The house has met with enthusiasm of every passer-by…and that make it all worth-while. Again, thank you so much for all your help in bring out this wonderful change!

Diana Scheehan

Mamaroneck, New York Italianate

This more vernacular type Italianate home could have been difficult to color.  Little is known about the more simple or off-beat variations of the major architectural styles and their colors in the 19th century. In this case applying the more conventional colors and color placement of the mid-century house worked out well. One can see more of the detailing and the colors help to provide a good solid background for those details.

Goal & Solution


The owners thought the house suffered from from visual blandness. All the wonderful architectural detailing was just barely visible and understated. They wanted to bring out all the details in an historical fashion.


After – A medium green body and gold trim began the transformation. Adding a brown window sash and a cream accent created more visual interest. For even more punch, the shutters were painted in red.