Designed by the famous Victorian architect George Barber in the 1880s, this house deserved a period multi-color paint scheme.  The architect loved to use extensive wood decorative detailing. Barber published several books in the late 19th century and they were used to determine the new roof style with its red rosettes. Photographs in Barber’s books of his original paint schemes assisted in color placement on this Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania landmark.

Victorian Architect George Barber loved excessive detail on the homes he designed!

Oriel Tower and Porch Detail
An off-white color highlights the very abundant wooden details. Numerous colors show off the different visual areas of the tower & porch. This dramatic house is a landmark in town and was colored to reflect its status.

Goal & Solution


The goal of the exterior restoration was to bring the outside color back to a scheme the famous architect would have loved and that would have been popular in the 1880s.


A period olive body sets the background for highlighted details in period reds, off-whites, browns and tans.  The house is now featured on the cover of a popular book about American Queen Anne architecture.