Luxury Waterfront Townhomes.

20 unit Victorian style town homes project in Occoquan, Virginia. These homes are built in the Historic Waterfront district.  This luxury waterfront development includes individual elevators and boat slips.  The project required architectural review board approval so the colors had to be drawn from historic period sources and placed according to late Victorian era color rules.  No “Painted Lady” pinks, teals or peach colors in this project.  The concept was a new development that had the look and feel of a late nineteenth century set of row houses.

Victorian colors in Virginia

When looking at the renderings for these town-houses, one might feel it hard to to come up with just the right sets of colors to be both historically accurate and pleasing to customers. But true historical colors, placed properly have a timeless effect that reaches beyond just the color themselves and provides a sense of place unique to that setting. This project nears its final stage in 2013 with great success.



Goal & Solution


The developer wanted color schemes that reflected true Victorian row-house colors of the  late 19th century.


I employed my library of over three thousand historic period paint items [brochures, samples, books, etc.] to provide colors schemes for each building that gave the feel of turn of the century America.