Federal Style Farm House – Athens Ohio

This home is located on 12 rural acres.  It has the tell-tale three bay front facade and simple lines of a late Federal style home.  The owners wanted a light body color and had tested a number of greens before contacting me for assistance.  After the new color scheme was applied, the owner commented to me when seeing the final result – “I love driving home every day to see this house!”

Entry door and porch features

The entry door with its round topped Italianate style windows is a major feature of the house. Employing a multi-colored scheme for it provides additional visual interest and focuses attention on the entryway.  The porch was likely added later, around the end of the Civil War, circa 1870, and it features some exciting woodwork that is highlighted in dark green.



Goal & Solution


The owners color selection criteria was simple – they didn’t want to “cringe” over the colors when they came home each night.


I suggested an historic period medium yellow with a terra cotta for the shutters. With a simple home such as this, adding bolder colors can enliven the facade and its details.