Carriage House

Carriage House – Originally unpainted with only white trim this wonderful barn, a rare example of a by-gone era cried out for period colors.

Employing colors similar to the main house, the doors, gable trim and belvedere (cupola) now come alive and coordinate with the main house but do not mirror it.

Example of an early Queen Anne home

This house is what historians call a transitional style in the 19th century.  White it’s overall general massing is more Victorian Queen Anne, some of the details are more mid-century Italianate. The arched windows, the large brackets at the eaves all harken back to the Civil War ear. But the shingles in the gables and the turned porch details are all Queen Anne hallmarks.

Goal & Solution


This early Victorian style home lacked any visual excitement with its tan body and white trim. Far too many Victorian era homes are dressed in this understated, unflattering paint scheme.


A combination of colors on the body, shingle areas, and trims allows the house to take on a new personality. Adding shutters and coloring the windows in the fashion of the 19th century provides additional visual interest. The porch is decorated with numerous colors to integrate it more fully into the house façade.