Darker colors on a house body

There is an old wife’s tale that a dark color makes your house look smaller. In this case that’s not true.  The original soft tan house is replaced with a stunning dark body that greatly assists in allowing you to see the detailing.  Dark colors as background can help set off the light and medium tones of all the visually interesting parts of a house.

A house with lots of detailing

The bay stands out but enhances the rest of the architecture as well. By employing contrasting colors and period dark window sash the bay is now a special part of the house. Some types of architecture require special attention to detail. This entry door has the opportunity of sparkle with color and visual excitement. Shifting the colors around on the trim and the doors add to the delight of the viewer. Not every house can or should have this style of entryway, but if you have one, I can help you be sure it is stunning!

Goal & Solution


The owners wanted a high level of detail and color on this house.


Going with a house body of a red with purple undertones an cream trim and accents in dark red and a soft green helped bring out all the detailing without being over powering.