Owner’s comment

“We are extremely pleased with the outcome and wanted to thank you for your invaluable assistance with the color scheme. The thoughtful blend and balance of the colors and their emphasis of the architectural features of our home will be an enduring source of enjoyment for us and our family.  …We have already recommended you to my colleague Michael who I understand was also very pleased with your work.” Kelly and Lee

Colonial Revival in Summit, New Jersey

It is often easy to over-color a large house and make it appear choppy.  This 1896 Colonial Revival home stands out not because of anything bright but because of how the colors blend together to form an harmonic whole. Homes built in the last decade of the 19th century tended to be less bold and colorful than those built just ten years earlier. The influence of the then new “Colonial Revival” called for softer colors and schemes that blended colors in specific ways.

Goal & Solution


The owners did not want a flashy or overly colorful house. The wanted the home to mesh well with the landscape.


The only white employed in the color scheme was used on the porch columns. The body is a two-tone version of a popular late nineteenth century gray/green color set and the trim is a medium yellow.  The rear decking is painted to match thus unifying a potentially disconnected feature of the house. The front porch had lovely stained floors and ceiling.  The detail color placement around and including the doors is designed to welcome the visitor.  The accent colors chosen for this area are tone variations of the body and trim colors.