Bringing back the past in style and color 

All the homes in this new development had architectural elements of the Arts & Crafts style, popular in the first three decades of the  20th century. All the recommended color schemes for these home had their colors and color placement taken from actual period house plan and paint manufacturer catalogues.

Images courtesy of Nick Sterns 

Hawthorne Grove

I was asked to consult on both the design and colors for this new Arts & Crafts subdivision in Portland, Or.  The  streets in the Hawthorne Grove development illustrate an example of “New Urbanism” housing, with homes close to the street, sidewalks and narrow lots. This type of design tried to bring back to more close knit neighborhoods of post war America, circa 1950.



Goal & Solution


The developer wanted the look and feel of an early 20th century housing project complete with period colors and architectural details.


I suggested architectural details to provide a more historic look to the buildings and then supplied period colors and color placement to bring the period look to life.