American Art Deco in India

The Art Deco style featured colors that harmonized with the tropical landscape of the Southern and far Western states. While this building may look like Miami, the location is actually in India. A modern concrete structure has been transformed from a bland gray into Tropical Deco employing the colors favored in the 1930s.

Why Deco?

Having taught American architectural history for over thirty years at the university graduate level, has given me insights into buildings, colors and time periods not generally known property owners or other color services.  The knowledge of proper historical colors and their placement were key to the remarkable transformation that had the whole city talking with it was completed.


Goal & Solution


Many of the building in this Indian city are natural gray concrete, left unpainted.  The owners of the up-scale apartment complex wanted something to set them apart form the norm.


The building looks so Thirties Art Deco that employing colors from that era seemed a natural for this project. Light, soft tropical color helped make this complex special.