Apartments in India 

Most buildings in this Indian city are uncolored concrete.  This presents a rather bland landscape. The owners of this new apartment building wanted to add lively colors and bring the buildings to life. This made them easy to identify and increased desirability.

Colors to catch the eye

Since everything around these two buildings was gray unpainted concrete I thought it would be fun to make the colors really eye catching and fun. The colors for this building are highly contrasting to create a sense of whimsy. The one building has colors that are a bit like the candy “Good & Plenty” {I figured they didn’t really have that happy  image to relate to but it meant fun for me.} The other building has more American Southwest colors of  Terra Cotta and Cream.



Goal & Solution


The management company in India wanted something fun and happy to attract young renters.


Fun colors of pink and gray and terra cotta and cream were chosen to enliven the gray concrete and the outcome proved very successful as I’ve completed another building for the same company.