Prairie Style home in New York

Prairie Style home, Mamaroneck, NY  

This 1950s Prairie Style, with a little Modern Bi-Level added home, had a major architectural element to consider when selecting the color scheme,  The Winchester Granite with its distinctive color was a driving factor in the color selection process.  An additional factor was the fact that the house was painted Barn red and the owners wanted to tone down the scheme.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s style

The famous Chicago architect Frank Lloyd Wright is credited with inventing this long-low, ground hugging style of architecture in the early 20th century.  He felt it best reflected the mid-western landscape and modern life style. The side of the house offers the best opportunity to illustrate the effect the new colors have on integrating the stonework into the house color scheme.  I normally analyze between one and two dozen such factors before suggestions colors for a clients house.  This procedure makes the colors selection process much less cumbersome for the homeowner.


Goal & Solution


The house, when it came to me was painted Barn red and the owners wanted to tone down the scheme.


A warm gray was chosen for the body with the trim in a darker olive color.  Mahogany sash and a Retro light Maple accent color rounded out the scheme.

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